a shadow too heavy to drag behind me
a drawing made by erasing, in which the debris left behind constitutes the finished work

42 hour durational drawing performance
completed in 7, 6 hour shifts over the course of 1 week—
documentation images above were taken at the end of each shift and are presented in reverse chronological order.

  • powdered graphite is buffed and burnished on a 7’ x 8’ section of wall over the course of 6 hours
  • each subsequent 6 hour session is spent methodically removing the burnished graphite from the wall surface using white plastic erasers
  • at the end of each 6 hour session a documentation image is taken
  • all eraser shavings are preserved, as they are the drawing
  • the shavings are a physical quantification of time—
    each shard is embedded with the graphite that was once on the wall
    and the physical exertion required to remove it

detail from summer 2014 drawing experiment—
graphite and honey (on wall surface) 
the air in my studio felt significantly heavier while this was on its walls

untitled drawing experiment 2014
(a drawing made by the touch of others)

72 pages (11” x 17”) were each buffed  for 1 hour with graphite and bare hands, folded and stacked. (as seen here)

18 participants are given white cotton gloves and are allowed to touch, handle and engage the pages in any way they desire with the instruction that they are to return the pages to the stack and pile the gloves on the floor when they are done.

The resulting drawing is made on the gloves and is a record of the participants’ touch

The stacked pages are bundled (as they were left) with cotton twine 

drawing to understand space, through distortion: a skewed camera is pointed at the paper, broadcasting its image on a 3 second delay, the marks are drawn blind to the paper- in response only to the skewed projection and it’s relation to the architecture of the space- 

If the idea holds, there will be better documentation.